Manufacture of ceramic furnaces

At G.M. we can supply any roller kiln, even the largest, thanks to our close collaboration with important companies in the sector. In addition, we also manufacture small kilns (15 to 60 metres) with competitive prices and the best qualities.

The useful steps of the third fire furnaces that we manufacture range from 35 to 60 mm, with a useful mouth from 600 to 2300 mm, which gives us the ability to offer an extraordinarily wide range of configurations for ceramic furnaces.

At G.M each furnace is completely designed and manufactured at the customer's request. From the colour of the furnace, through the company logo, as well as a completely individualised management programme.

Useful steps: 35 - 60 mm

Useful mouth: 600 - 2300 mm

Dimensions: from 15 m approx.

Detalle de un horno cerámico 1 Detalle de un horno cerámico 2 Detalle de un horno cerámico 3

Solutions for ceramic furnaces. Ask us for more information without obligation.

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